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real photos of ‘lesbians and gays support the miners’, their miner comrades, and photos from london pride ‘85 where members of the national union of mineworkers and their families marched in solidarity with the lgbt community

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White privilege is being able to shoot up a movie theater and leave alive in the back of a cop car. It’s driving around in the BMW daddy bought you killing because you felt you were entitled to women’s bodies & afterwards the media painting you as not a criminal but rather a poor sad situation of a person suffering from mental health issues.

But if you are a PoC you’re one trip to the corner store and a warning shot to the back of the head away from being a hash tag on tumblr.

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"Don’t dream it, be it."

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Cryptozoology project I did

All images are totally in print form too if anyone would like to buy some.

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Not ALL ghosts want to Spoop you!


Not ALL ghosts want to Spoop you!

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But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

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remember when the internet immortalized the picture of the couple kissing in the vancouver riots?

forget white people kissing in inappropriate places the only picture that belongs in the louvre is the picture of the man in the american flag shirt hurling a tear gas canister back while holding a chip bag in his other hand.


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Fun fact: A group of pugs is called a grumble.  A grumble of pugs.  


Fun fact: A group of pugs is called a grumble.  A grumble of pugs.  

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they were inseparable (x) (x)

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